Welcome to your empow SaaS 14 day trial

Following is a breakdown of the SaaS trial process:

  1. Complete the Trial survey with empow’s SA and set a kickoff call
  2. Initial Kick Off call
  3. Set up a VPN to the empow instance at this link
  4. Configure data sources [LINK to trial survey] to send data to the cloud system
  5. System tuning and optimization
  6. Official Start of Trial – welcome email with logon credentials
  7. Training session – overview system, tips and tricks
  8. Emails with links to additional resources
  9. Review system insights, Q&A and further training
  10. Warning email near close of trial – options going forward
  11. Official close of SaaS trial – email with findings

The main system cluster will run in the cloud and collect logs from the data sources indicated in your Trial Survey form.

At the end of the trial, if you would like to continue using the product, just send us an email and we can review the subscription costs with you.  Some customers want uninterrupted use of the existing system; others want a fresh start.  Either way, just let us know.

Configuration and customer data will remain for 3 days after the trial end and after that, if we haven’t heard that you want to move forward with production use, we will delete all configuration and forensics data from your instance.  Once deleted the data cannot be retrieved.

We look forward to showing you the power and value of our unique empow technology.