Think your organization’s security could –
and should – be more efficient?
So do we.

i-XDR – empow’s intent-based Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform - is right for you if :
You want to improve your detection and response capabilities against attacks that are missed by the point solutions
You want to stop the noise of false positives in your network
You already have a SIEM and/or other SOC tools you are generally satisfied with but would like to reduce costs and improve speed and performance
You need greater visibility into your different security products and their performance
If you’re looking to replace your SIEM or are looking for your first SIEM, read about our i-SIEM solution

i-XDR makes your existing security tools better, faster and more efficient.

Here’s how we integrate with your existing security tools:

Significantly reduces the cost of your data consumption-based SIEM license

Streamlines the SOC operations of your existing SIEM, reduces time to detect, investigate & respond.


Provides immediate and accurate response by triggering your existing SOAR playbooks only for entities that are at top risk.

Incident Management Systems

No more hundreds of tickets to handle. Improves the efficiency of your existing ticketing systems by issuing and updating the most relevant and accurate security tickets.

Your existing security tools and data

Uses AI to automatically enrich and correlate data from your existing security products across all environments – cloud, on-prem, home – to remove the noise of false positives, and detect advanced threats missed by the individual point solutions.

Analyzes the behavior of your organization’s users and traffic via empow’s UEBA and NTA technologies to detect zero-days attacks and insider threats.

Investigation APIs

Rich APIs allow your SOC to integrate with the system’s data for in-depth forensics investigation and automation use cases.

How i-XDR works

Data Connectors

empow’s data connectors collect all types of IT data from a wide diversity of endpoint & network-based security tools, user and network behavioral logs, including on-prem & cloud data sources.


AI-Based Analytical Modules:

Security logs analytics

The NLP-based security logs analytics processes all your security logs, enriches them with empow’s threat intelligence information and use our proprietary NLP engines to classify these logs into groups of potential attack behaviors.

User Behavioral Analytics

User activity logs are processed by empow’s user behavioral analytics module, which establishes normal behavioral profile patterns and flags deviations which reflect potential attack behaviors.

Read more in our UEBA white paper

Network Traffic Analytics

empow’s DPI network sensors feed the network traffic analytics module, which learns the normal traffic patterns between hosts within the organization, flags anomalies that reflects both unknown and unknown potential attack behaviors.

Read more in our NTA white paper

empow threat intel NLP- based threat classification center

The NLP-based threat classification center continuously collect threat intelligence from multiple commercial and open threat centers, enriches the information analyzed by the analytics module and uses the power of NLP to classify these modules’ output into potential attack techniques and tactics – using one language of MITRE ATT&CK®

Read more in our AI white paper

Cause & Effect module

This module incorporates proprietary algorithms that process the outputs of all analytics, automatically identifies root-cause cases and attack next steps in order to cluster them into only a few real attack stories. The result is time-line of real attacks and prioritized entities that are at top risk.

Security Analysts love our dashboard!

After i-XDR analyzes the exact cause & effect sequence, it presents the correlated attacks at highest risk.

By drilling down into each entity at risk in the attack, the analyst can now manage the response process.

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