What is empow’s commercial licensing model?

empow’s i-SIEM is priced according to the number of hosts, not the amount of data.  In this way pricing stays predictable and we prevent the cost creep common with other SIEMs.

The price is calculated per 1000 hosts , which include computers, laptops, servers and virtual hosts.

Licensing includes software, support, version updates and plugins.

empow’s license comes with the Elastic Platinum subscription, including all Elastic features and support.

How many people are needed to manage empow’s i-SIEM?

Less than one security team member or analyst is required to manage the i-SIEM.  Thanks to automation technologies, the number of alerts that will require your attention is dramatically lower with i-SIEM, and together with easy to use and manage dashboards, management is much faster and easier than with other SIEM solutions.

For more on our automation technologies, visit our product page.

Does empow come with MSSP services?

No. empow is a software solution, which comes with support but not service.

For utilities, we have partnered with Modern Grid Partners, and together provide a UtiliSOC that includes both the i-SIEM and SOC service.

However, if you’re considering MSSP services because you believe you don’t have a large enough team to manage a SIEM solution in house, think again.  empow’s i-SIEM can be managed by less than one security analyst.

How does empow provide customer support?

empow provides T1-T4 production support, including unlimited support requests/tickets, and 24x7x365 support.

Support requests have 4 levels of severity, with a one-hour response time for the most critical issues.

empow’ support team is assigned with Elastic  T3 support engineers who provide Elastic Platinum level support to all empow client requests involving Elastic Stack issues.

What is the POV process like with empow?

We provide a free Proof of Value of the i-SIEM.  After a demo call we will send you a short POV survey and provide pricing for an eventual agreement should the pilot be completed successfully.

The POV process includes a POV workshop session (in which we assess the network, data source tools and success criteria), installation by empow’s team, setting the data sources, an interim and final report.

The POV process takes about 4 weeks.

empow POVs have a very high rate of success, with over 70% culminating in sales.

How long do I need to wait to start to see value from i-SIEM?

In contrast to other SIEMs, which take months to implement and effectively use, empow’s i-SIEM can be implemented in about one month, and we guarantee you will start to see value from the first log.  This is thanks to our security abstraction model, which translates all the events into the same language, and allows us to easily apply our cause and effect model and find the correlations for you.

What is the nature of empow’s integration with Elastic and what is the benefit to me?

Elastic is the leading data search company, with over 300M opensource users and over 9k customers. empow is the only SIEM company which Elastic chose to partner with in a strategic integration.

Every sale of empow comes with Elastic’s full Platinum subscription.  The out of the box integration between the Elastic’s scalable centralized log management and data search, and i-SIEM is therefore much faster and easierץ

The partnership also brings a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for organizations, providing both data search and Next-Gen SIEM in one agreement, with one point of contact.

On top of this you will get all of Elastic’s Platinum features, the X-Pack and support.

What’s the difference between empow’s i-SIEM and the SIEM that Elastic is offering?

empow’s i-SIEM and the Elastic SIEM APP are complementary to one another.

Elastic offers a hunting opensource tool that is manual in its functionalities and capabilities.  empow’s i-SIEM brings the necessary  automation tools, as well as built in threat intelligence, UEBA, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) & NTA engines, that enables the platform to bypass correlation rule writing and lower the number of false positives and the burden on the security team.

To read more about how empow’s i-SIEM and the Elastic SIEM work together and how they differ click here.

How can I see a demo?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to hop on a call with you and provide additional information and a demo.