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empow Secures $9M in Funding

Innovative “Security Abstraction” Startup empow Secures $9M in Funding to Accelerate Breakthrough Product and Expand Offices to North America

Cybersecurity Company’s New Security Particles™ Paradigm Helps Enterprises Make More of What They Already Have by Coordinating Existing Security Arsenals

[TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – February 9th, 2016] – Cybersecurity startup empow announced today it has raised $9 million, which it will use to further develop its platform and help bring its revolutionary approach for elevating cybersecurity for the enterprise to the American market. empow will begin its expansion with a Boston office, which will provide high-level sales and support.

Founded in 2014, empow’s approach is based on a single undeniable reality – the industry does not suffer from a lack of tools – quite the opposite: the industry is over-investing in complex and unwieldy solutions. This leaves even the largest organizations ill-prepared to deal with the increasing volume and sophistication of attack campaigns. Their defenses are potentially effective, but are submerged in complexity – trapped in silos that limit their capabilities and prevent them from acting in strategic combination, creating, rather than preventing, vulnerabilities.

empow’s innovative approach employs its proprietary “security abstraction” to break down an organization’s existing security configuration into abstracted primary components called “Security Particles™.” Utilizing deep learning, empow’s platform clearly defines the security role of each particle, using one common language. This enables the platform to instantly coordinate between the previously siloed tools, and deploy a new, unique response for every security event detected. In this way, empow investigates and mitigates the most advanced attack campaigns in real time, with speed and intelligence impossible before.

empow’s unique cybersecurity paradigm, with funding from both private investors and the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Economy, is already in use by major U.S. enterprises and service providers.

“empow creates an enterprise security posture that is as robust and nimble as the attacks it aims to prevent,” said Avi Chesla, Co-founder and CEO of empow. “Our security abstraction is creating a radical change in the realm of cybersecurity, making cyber-defenses exponentially better than the sum of their parts. It’s like a cyber general coordinating your security army: empow helps sends the right troops into battle at the right time.”

The company’s new Boston office will draw upon the rich pool of talent in the Boston area. This is a first step in plans to expand the company’s marketing reach, with the goal of ensuring that enterprises across the world have can transform and optimize their existing security tools.

About empow:

empow is a cybersecurity startup founded in October 2014 in Tel Aviv with the motto: “rather than spend more, deploy smarter.” empow’s platform turns what organizations have into what they need by integrating with their existing security infrastructure and creating the optimal security solution which detects, investigates and mitigates the most advanced attack campaigns. empow breaks down existing security tools into “Security ParticlesTM” to create an abstracted smart layer that sits above current security configurations and which can be reassembled to deploy a new, targeted security apparatus for each individual attack, in real time. This gives any organization the ability to respond faster and smarter, with better coordination and more insight. In this way, empow makes more of what organizations already have. For more information, please visit us at


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