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empow Named “SIEM Solution of the Year” in 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards

Next-gen SIEM recognized for innovative use of native artificial intelligence, natural language processing and cause-and-effect analytics to automatically detect and respond to cyber attacks

BOSTON – Oct. 2, 2018 – empow, creator of a new kind of security information and event management (SIEM) system that detects and responds to cyber-attacks in real time and without rules, today announced it has been named “SIEM Solution of the Year” by CyberSecurity Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market today.

empow has developed a new kind of SIEM that serves as an active “brain” behind security infrastructure, detecting cyber-attacks and orchestrating adaptive investigation and mitigation actions in real time, without the need for human-written rules. Using true artificial intelligence (AI) – including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and cause-and-effect analytics – empow automatically reads data generated by internal and external sources; understands threat intent; finds actual attacks hidden in the “noise” generated by security infrastructure; and then marshals the right security tools for incident response.

“It is no secret that a proactive security strategy is critical in protecting organizations in today’s threat landscape, and creating a true proactive security ecosystem should be the goal of organizations of all sizes,” said James Johnson, managing director, CyberSecurity Breakthrough. “empow’s AI-powered SIEM platform checks that box flawlessly, autonomously reading and recognizing the intent and potential threat behind each piece of data, and then proactively combating any threat with the right tools. Congratulations to empow on its well-deserved 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award designation.”

The mission of the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of information security categories, including cloud security, threat detection, risk management, fraud prevention, mobile security, email security and more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,000 nominations from more than 14 countries throughout the world.

“To date, SIEMs have required human-written, static correlation rules to detect advanced attacks, which is a losing proposition because humans cannot write or update rules as fast as machines can change attacks,” said empow President and CEO Peter George. “In this world, cybercriminals will always have the upper hand. empow is the only SIEM vendor that is using true AI, rather than correlation rules, to detect, validate and prioritize attacks. This transforms our SIEM into an active system that detects, confirms and stops attacks before they can cause harm. empow delivers on the 20-year-old promise of SIEM, and this recognition by CyberSecurity Breakthrough validates the technological advancements and business benefits we bring to our customers.”

For more information about empow, please visit: To see the full list of 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award winners, go to:

About empow
empow is the developer of a new kind of security information and event management (SIEM) system that detects cyber attacks and automatically orchestrates adaptive investigation and mitigation actions in real time, without the need for human-written rules. empow’s innovative use of AI, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and cause-and-effect analytics, automatically understands the fundamental nature or intent of threats, finds the actual attacks hidden in the “noise,” and marshals the right security tools to respond when those attacks occur. This capability enables the empow SIEM to serve as an active “brain” for security infrastructure that detects, confirms and stops attacks before they can cause harm, while also maximizing the value of existing security infrastructure and slashing the need for human intervention. empow is headquartered in Boston, with an R&D office in Tel Aviv, and customers distributed across North America and Europe.

About CyberSecurity Breakthrough
Part of the Tech Breakthrough Awards organization, the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in information security and cybersecurity technology companies, products and people. The CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards provide a platform for public recognition around the achievements of breakthrough information security companies and products in categories including Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, Web and Email Security, UTM, Firewall and more. For more information visit

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