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empow v2.0

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The PCI DSS App is designed to orchestrate and optimize monitoring, detection, investigation and response, as well as provide reports, to help comply with PCI DSS requirements.  The PCI DSS App is focused on requirement 10 (monitoring of access, monitoring logs and security events, and detecting anomalies and suspicious behavior), requirement 11 (keeping detection mechanisms up to date, and responding to alerts) and requirement 12 (facilitating incident response and supporting risk assessment).  It mitigates attacks with PCI data leak intent, orchestrating multiple detection and investigation capabilities against relevant attack tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) – from infiltrating the covered entity with specialized malware, through moving laterally in the network to reach PCI data stores or processing systems, to data exfiltration.  Supervised or automated response can be applied to mitigate data breaches. Finally, security posture and threat analytics reporting support risk assessment, attack reviews and readiness plan improvements.

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