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The NYCRR 500 App is designed to orchestrate and optimize security tools, and to provide reports, to help comply with NY State Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity requirements (NYCRR 500).  The App is designed to help companies comply with sections 500.02 (implementing detection and response infrastructure based on identified risks), 500.04 (reporting by the CISO), 500.09 (periodic risk assessment) and 500.10 (sufficient personnel in security operations).  The NYCRR 500 App addresses key information-related business risks (such as data leak, alteration, or loss of sensitive financial or personal data), and defines the relevant orchestration model for detection, investigation and response capabilities in the customer environment to optimally execute defense strategies against those threats.  Security posture reports accompany the App to help companies assess their level of readiness, identify gaps and understand which tools might be missing. Attack analytics and attack story reports help comply with reporting requirements.  Automation and orchestration of incidents’ detection, investigation and response are at the core of the NYCRR 500 App, making it easier and cost-effective to ensure sufficient personnel for operating the security infrastructure. Learn more about the NYCRR 500 App.

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