About empow's SaaS Trial

Did you know 93% of security personnel are overwhelmed by cybersecurity alert data and are unable to triage all potential threats? In fact, only 4% of all valid threats are investigated.

empow can change all that.  With our SaaS security platform you can gain 100% visibility and reduce manual correlation rule writing.  Imagine a system that does the work for you, prioritizes events, and detects cyberattacks using advanced technology.

We’ll set up everything for you –  giving you access to our award-winning security platform with your data.  Trials are limited to 1,000 hosts, 14 days, and 1.2TB raw storage.

During the trial you’ll learn:

  1. How empow collects, normalizes and organizes data
  2. The system component architecture and data flows
  3. Navigating the user interface
  4. Best practices to investigate suspected attacks and compromised entities
  5. Search, filter, group, and analyze security data
  6. Network hierarchies, tenants, and tuning
  7. Analyze attack stories, top attacks, and highest risk devices
  8. Navigate and customize dashboards
  9. Create customized reports
  10. Use charts and filters
  11. Search raw logs and indexed data for threat hunting

Click here to sign-up for a free trial of empow SaaS now, and we’ll provide you with everything you need to get started!